Asking Questions Creates Possibilities. Conclusions destroy awareness.

by Kendy Stapleton

“Being in the question” has bought so many possibilities for me and my business. I constantly use this tool to change any area of my life that I feel stuck on. Have you heard of the verse “ask and you shall receive?” I’m certain that this is the key to change anything that you are not happy with in your life. How can this simple tool be so powerful? This is how it works. I was not happy or satisfied on how my life was going and I started to ask many times, “How can I start being happy with my life?” I asked in many different ways. What is it going to take for me to start living a happy life? What do truly joyful people do to be happy? I would just put that question out to the universe. I knew that it was not my job to answer it and besides if I knew the answer I would of already taken action to change my life.

In 2016, the universe answered my question when I asked, “How can I have more happiness in my life?” I have given that question to the universe so that it can open the door for more possibilities my life. When you ask a question the answer will show up in many different ways. It often shows up in ways that we least expect it. My answer showed up to me by a complete stranger. I decided she would be my life coach. I’ve never met her in person but her facilitation has been astounding. She suggested to me one day that I should have my Bars® run. After having my Bars® run, my whole life changed. I began to experience more ease, joy, and glory. Asking the question will allow you to receive all the possibilities that you are willing to accept to change anything. Also, not being vested in the outcome will allow you to removed your blinders that can keep you from allowing greater possibilities. If you are vested in something, you may miss the possibilities that do not meet your expectations. Besides, life is so much easier when you are not controlling every aspect of it and allowing your life to be easier by allowing the universe to gift to you. Also, look at your questions as if they were seeds, when you plant a seed in the ground it takes time for it to grow. So do your questions to the universe. The universe needs time to answer your request. Will you be brave enough to ask the questions that are required to change an area of your life that you desire to change? Remember that those answers will show up in your life in many different ways. You may see a magazine, commercial, run into someone that may have that answer, or they may even come in a dream. But always remember to ASK, ASK, ASK!

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