Chiropractor’s Oath

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In accordance with the Law of Nature, that Law which God has prescribed to all men: and in consequence of my dedication to getting the sick well by the application of that Law, I promise and swear to keep, to the best of my ability and judgment, the following oath:

I will observe and practice every acknowledged rule of professional conduct in relation with my profession, my patient, my colleague, and myself.

I will keep an open mind regarding the progress of my profession, provided that these progressions shall be confined within the boundaries of the Chiropractic Science, Philosophy, and Art.

I will serve my patient to the best of ability, violating neither his confidences nor his dignity, and in my associations with patients I shall not violate that which is moral and right.

I shall improve my knowledge and skill, firm in my resolution to justify the responsibility which the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic symbolizes and imposes.

To all this, I pledge myself, knowing these ideals are prescribed by the dictates of Reason alone.