Choosing Smaller Only Creates Smaller

by Kendy Stapleton

For many years this has been my reality. After so many failures, I was having fear of choosing to create anything out of fear that I would fail again. I was getting comfortable choosing to create smaller. That way, just in case I would fail, my disappointments would not be as big.

Last year I came to a major turning point in my life I was introduced to this amazing body process called Access Bars®. My life coach suggested I should have my bars run. I have never heard of the Bars® but I trusted her enough that I decided to call the phone number she had given me to schedule an appointment. The session was such a beautiful experience for me. While the lady was running my bars I heard a child crying. I asked the bars practitioner if there was a child crying nearby and she assured me that there wasn’t. I came to realize that the voice of the child crying was coming from my head. It was myself as a child crying. As a child I used to cry so much. My past trauma was locked down in my body. After having that Bars® session, I felt this immense peace. I started to have this joy in my mind and my body was happier and it was like I was free. The bars made my life to be joyful again. I was no longer looking back at my past failures.

The best way I can explain the Bars® is that it is like when you run a defragment on your computer and it starts organizing and erasing all the programing that makes your computer run slow. The bars session worked the same way for my mind. It was erasing those old files and programing from my brain. After my bars session, I started to be in creation-mode. I immediately decided to become a bars practitioner and contribute to people who desire to choose freedom from their own prison and to release clutter from their minds. I wanted to continue to create larger, so I decided to teach people how to come a Bars® practitioner. I became a Bars® Facilitator to be able to teach people this body process. I’m also currently working on bringing out others body processes that have worked out for me that I know it will work for you also.

Ever since I have decided to create bigger, my life has changed. So what can you choose to create bigger? What will create bigger? Would you like a Bars® session to help you find the freedom you are looking for? Can you allow yourself to receive the gift that the bars can bring into your life? Have you been destroying your creations by choosing smaller? My hope and dream is that everyone will get to have their bars run and live their life to the highest potential. What future will you create that will create for you and our planet as well?

Kendy Stapleton is an Access Consciousness practitioner in the Chattanooga, TN metro area. For more info visit her website: