Fasts and Detox plans

* The Lemonade Fast (Master Cleanser)
* Gallbladder Cleanse
* Chinese Tiao He cleanse
* Tissue Cleansing Program
* Heavy Metal Detox
* Kidney Cleanse
* Watermelon Seed Tea Cleanse

Fad Diets (for informational puposes only)

* The South Beach Diet
* The Mayo Clinic Diet (the grapefruit diet)
* The 7 day Diet
* The Cabbage Soup Diet
* The Chicken Soup Diet
* The Metabolism Diet
* The Atkins Diet
* The McDonald’s Diet

Dangers of…

* Vaccinations
* Side effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs
* Splenda artificial sweetener

Advice Pages

* 7 rules on how to lift properly


* What about my symptoms?
* “the truth” by BJ Palmer
* The Winsor Autopsies

Alternative Treatments for…

* Inflammatory Arthritis
* Multiple Sclerosis (MS)