Spinal Exercises

Spinal ” Neck” Stretches / Sweet Release Neck Stretches

Perform the “Sweet Release ” neck stretches in an extended head and neck position. These exercises may also be performed seated in a chair.

Position 1 Instructions:

  • Sit on your knees.
  • Turn your head gently to the right until you feel a stretch.
  • Now turn your head to the left.

Position 2 Instructions:

  • Laterally flex your head to the right until a stretch is felt.
  • Repeat the complete cycle with the addition of very gentle assistance from your hands.

Position 3 Instructions:

  •  Let your head fall forward and gently press your fingers into the area where your head and neck join.
  • Work down your traps and back up toward your head. (Take some time here)
  • The upper neck is the area of the spine with the highest concentration of mechanoreceptors.

Position 4 Instructions:

  • Let your neck fall gently backward, while pressing very performed while pressing with your fingers.
  • Do not apply excessive force in extension, especially if you have degeneration disease in your cervical spine.
  •  Breathe slowly and deeply from your diaphragm.