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Frequently Asked questions



? What is an adjustment?
An adjustment is an application of force used to remove
vertebral subluxations.

? Do adjustments hurt?
Not at all, a properly delivered adjustment should actually feel great! There are a great number of different chiropractic techniques-we use Network Spinal Analysis and BEST techniques,which are actually very gentle techniques.

? What do you mean by gentle? I thought chiropractors needed to be forceful to make spinal corrections.
Not at all-many of our adjustments are achieved with the amount of pressure of one hand gently resting upon another.
Most people are not aware that for the last thirty years, chiropractic has developed powerful techniques involving light touch adjustments. These adjustments prepare the body for long-term correction and not just a "quick fix"

? Will I be sore afterward?
You may be sore after the first or second time you get adjusted-sort of like when you exercise.

? Someone said once I start going to a chiropractor I will need to keep going forever, is this true?
Not at all, one adjustment may help you. However, chances are that the vertebra that went out of place will return to its previous position until it is "trained" as to what the proper position is. That is why most chiropractors recommend several adjustments at the beginning of your care plan.
Of course, this depends on the severity of your subluxations. After that, you may need to come in periodically for maintenance care (to keep the problem from returning)

? Are there specific adjustments for specific diseases?
No.Your chiropractor will check your entire spine for subluxations. Depending on the problem, we may look more closely in a particular area-and check for subluxations in this region.  See the nerve chart
Remember, chiropractic is not a substitute for medicine. If you want to keep from having problems-have your spine checked for subluxations.

? Do you accept insurance?
Yes. We accept most major insurance plans.

? What if I have an HMO?
We are on a few HMO plans. However,since some HMO's limit your chiropractic benefits, you may want to sign up for our ChiroClub Plans -the membership is a low yearly fee and visits are a low fee. There is no limit on the number of visits.
We also are a pcdand AmeriplanUSA   member doctor, and offer  members visits at a dicounted rate. Call us to see how you can join PCD or Ameriplan USA.


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