RFK, Jr’s Spontaneous Speech on the Rise of the Medical Police State

While California’s tragic fall into what might rightly be described as a Medical Police State has many up in arms, RFK. Jr’s spontaneously delivered speech outside Gov. Newsom’s office helped transform the anger and grief experienced by thousands of shaken onlookers into inspiration and hope, no doubt contributing to catalyzing further what is clearly becoming this country’s next, truly grassroots civil rights movement.

Read the transcript: https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/rfk… Following immediately after the California Senate passed SB 276 in Sacramento on Monday, which effectively removes medical exemptions in the state (even for those with previous life threatening reactions to vaccines), a protest erupted at the state capital in front of Gov. Newsom’s office, who would sign the bill later that day. Earlier, 5 protestors were arrested for exercising their First Amendment right of peaceful protest — a painful irony, considering that the removal of religious exemptions also violates the First Amendment rights, which is why they were protesting in the first place.

In the astoundingly powerful and uplifting speech by RFK Jr. below, one senses the historical importance of what just transpired. And that the fall of California into medical fascism also marks the beginning of a new, broad-based civil rights movement, including all sexes, races, walks of life, religions, and socioeconomic classes — as it concerns the primary, inviolable human right of bodily self-sovereignty and health freedom, and a parent’s right to make informed health choices for their children, which can have life and death consequences.

The fight for liberty and health freedom in California is far from over. There will legal challenges, said RFK. Jr., all the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary. In fact, this incident brings to the forefront a deep, dark problem in the United States that has been festering for decades: the rise of the Pharmaceutical industry’s influence on the government to mandate products that the free market would otherwise reject, due to the profound liability these products have (now underwritten completely by the government via their indemnification through the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act (NCVIA) of 1986). Now, over three decades since the inception of NVICA, that same industry is starting to use the police powers of the state to enforce these mandates.

California is a testing ground for the rest of the country. How much will the American people consent to forced medical interventions and related coercion necessary to push through a national and global agenda of universal compliance with an ever-expanding vaccination schedule? Florida is next on the chopping block, with the introduction of SB 64, which would reproduce CA’s situation, but with one bill.

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