Fibromyalgia is defined as “an inflammatory enlargement of the white fibrous tissue of the body, especially of the muscle sheaths, ligaments, tendons, periosteum and fascial layers of the locomotor system and marked by pain and stiffness.” The only way of definitively determining if this is what you have is through a tissue biopsy (cutting it out). Most people don’t have the white fibrous tissue although they may have the classic 18 pain points on their body.

Signs and Symptoms?

Many people who are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia tend to experience headaches, tender lymph nodes, fatigue and weakness, muscle and joint aches, inability to concentrate, depression, lack of motivation decreased sex drive. Fibromyalgia is a name given to a set of symptoms that has many different physiological origins from one person to another. Do not be satisfied with giving your state of health a name, the most important thing is to find the basic underlying cause of your pain.

What are the probable causes?

* Food sensitivity/ allergy
* Malabsorption of food
* Tissue toxicity due to Metals
* Nutritional deficiency
* Spinal misalignments
* Carbohydrate sensitivity
* Gastrointestinal flora imbalance
* Endocrine imbalance
* Environmental sensitivity
* Immune deficiency
* Viral infection
* Bacterial infection
* Cellular metabolic disorder
* Oxygen deficiency
* Electromagnetic imbalance

What are the possible treatments?

* Chiropractic spinal alignments
* Nutrition therapy
* Diet modification
* Stress Reducing Techniques
* Life style modification
* Homeopathy
* Accupuncture