The key to real health is to have every organ, tissue, and system of your body functioning exactly as it was designed.

Health has nothing to do with how you feel, your temperature, or whether symptoms are present. Those who die of heart attacks, cancer, or dozens of other health problems suffer ill health long before their first symptom!

Real health allows us to adapt to the environment, cooling us when we’re hot, fighting a virus, healing a cut, digesting our food, and millions of other vital activities. When there is interference to this complex orchestra of controlling nerve impulses, the resulting symptoms are simply warning signs that things are not right.

The chiropractic approach to real health is to locate any part of the nervous system that has lost proper control of the organs and tissues of your body.

A common culprit is when the moving bones of the spinal column choke or irritate the spinal cord or nerve roots. Locating, reducing, and preventing these “Vertebral Subluxations” is the primary interest of your Doctor of Chiropractic.

Real health is not how you feel; it’s how you function!

How Well Does Your Body Work?

If you lose your car keys, simply retrace your steps and you’ll likely find them. Lose your health and finding it can be just as easy — if you know where to look.