Sea Water Fasting and Purification

Seawater fasting and purification by Pila

This is how i took the word of God, the ocean, and used it to see with my own eyes the Holy Spirit and hear the word of God 24/7.

May this bring you the peace, life, love, joy, and happiness that God and Jesus have given me. Amen.

This is about my journey into the kingdom of our Heavenly Fathers. And how I was able to take the words of the Light of the World (Jesus) and the Way and apply them physically (or by works and Faith) so I could enter the Kingdom on Earth.

I always knew in my heart that the Light of the World was telling the Truth, especially when he was talking about the Kingdom on Earth, but this Truth came with only vague details.

In 1976 I started on my own search for the Kingdom on Earth. I’ve spent more than fourteen years and many hours of research, translating, and days of fasting, just to find the Earthly Mother’s womb, which was my first step into the Kingdom of Life.

I knew fasting and purification was one of the keys, because Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” In order to see the kingdom on Earth, I knew I would have to clean out my temple first. The body is the temple of the spirit, and the spirit is the temple of God.

Here within this letter are the details on the journey into the kingdom of our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom and everlasting life. My only hope is that this brings you all the love, joy, happiness, rebirth, and health that God and Jesus have given me. This is truly the greatest blessing that only the Light of the World and God could give.

There is no man on the face of the earth that can ever give you this true righteous gift. This can only be done by you, by works and faith through God’s loving grace. This is my experience after reading the Holy Bible, and book one; of the Gospel of Peace, and then afterwards, putting the words of Jesus physically to work on myself.

I am now able to physically see the Light or image of God whenever I like, and I hear the vibration or word of God 24/7. I’m now able to share this LOVE, JOY, and HAPPINESS with others.

The Kingdom of God on earth is real. It is not a myth, pretense, or make believe. It’s like all the great spiritual leaders have said: only through fasting, cleansing, and purification can you achieve this great task. But they don’t tell you exactly how and where. That’s why it has taken me almost thirty five years of repeated trials, research, and devotion.

In the last fifteen years I am in the Kingdom on Earth physically. What I mean is that I can see the image of God whenever I like and I can hear the word or the vibration of God 24/7.

In 1976 when I read the Bible and Book One of the Essene Gospel of Peace, I started looking for the womb or river of life of the Earthly Mother. After ten years of searching and fasting in crystal clear springs, streams, lakes, and even desserts, and never reaching the Light or Sound, I gave up and went back into the work force. I worked until my health was so bad that I had no choice but to stop. By this time my arthritis, back, joints, acid reflux, kidneys, liver, were killing me, and I had terrible headaches. I was taking pills for these diseases with little results; my health was declining more and more daily. I knew that I had to do something but did not know what it was.

Then one day while watching Jacques Cousteau on TV, I heard Cousteau say that the oceans’ sea water had the same chemistry balance that is in the womb of a woman. This was when I knew without a doubt where the womb of the Earthly Mother was.

John 3:3: “Jesus answered and said unto him, ‘Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.’”
John 3:5: Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. I knew now that Jesus was talking about the Earth’s womb, and the sea is the womb of the Earth. In Genesis 1:20: And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.

From my many fasts in the past I also knew that the way to the spirit is by fasting. I have also learned that all life began in the ocean (Genesis). Sea water also has an almost identical mineral content as found in human blood. When blood was not available, doctors have injected seawater into the veins of patients who had been given blood transfusions.

When I heard Jacques Cousteau say this, I knew in my heart that this had to be the womb of the Earthly Mother that I had been looking for all those years. The sea is a river around the earth, the river of life.
Now I could do the fast and purification that Jesus was always talking about in the New Testament. I always believed that Jesus was telling the truth, about rebirth and the Kingdom of God within.

So, in 1990 I got all my camping gear together and went to an isolated spot on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. I knew where this isolated beach was that had a protected pool deep and warm enough. I was able to lie peacefully and still for six hours per day. I eventually fasted there for 52 days. I knew from my past experiences with fasting that I could live on lemons, honey, and water for a long time. But what I did not know was how easy this fast and cleanse would be – how easy God was going to make it for me. I have done a lot of fasts looking for the womb of the Earthly Mother, but this fast was so easy that during the fast I thought someone was feeding me in my sleep.

After much research on the seawater, I now understand how and why the fasting and cleanses was so easy. This has to do with the body lying in the seawater for up to six hours a day. Seawater fasting is a form of fasting in which the river of life is your food. The river of life supplies minerals and elements (my research shows that there are a total of 98 minerals and elements in the seawater of the South Pacific). This will further aid the cleansing process and will return your health to you. The body needs 150 elements and trace minerals to live disease free. Without the proper amount of minerals and elements the body will die of old age and disease.

My daily regimen was as follows: First thing in the morning, after my yoga excises, I would collect my seawater from a clean tide pool, which was brimming with life. I would take great care in dipping a NEW gasoline container with a modified air hole into the center of the tide pool, being careful not to disturb the bottom. I would then pour it into a large glass container and place it in the sun for 8 hours. The sun purifies the seawater with ultraviolet light. This is the same ultraviolet light that the water industries use to purify the water people buy in the store for drinking. This water was for my internal cleanses (enemas) which I did religiously during the entire fast.

Then I would go lay in the Angel of water at the warm ocean edge until 3:00 p.m. And I would breathe long and deeply the ionic mist of the air that comes from the womb of the Earth. In Hawaii, when a surfer is getting a cold or coming down with the flu, he will go surfing and within an hour all the symptoms will be gone. After my soaking I would put the collected sea water in the shade for a hour then pour it through two organic coffee filters into another glass container. I would use it for my daily cleanses and to drink as well. 6 to 12 oz. first thing in the morning.

After about a week of cleaning this way I noticed my body starting to heal. The headaches and acid reflux were the first diseases to go. Next were the knots in my joints and back (arthritis); the kidneys and liver took a week or two longer to heal. But what I liked best was elimination of the habitual patterns of thoughts and feelings of hate, anger, fear, criticism, condemnation, judgment, blame, self-pity, jealousy, resentment, depression, and most of all – no more suicidal thoughts. Freedom at last! My thoughts now are good feelings of love, joy, happiness, peace, harmony, poise, gratitude, and praise.

On or about the fifteenth day of fasting I could hear this faint sound or vibration that was coming from the inside of me. Now this vibration is like a ghetto blaster, you might say. I turned the sound up – at first I could only hear the sound when I was very still and quiet. I can now hear the sound 24/7, and I love it. This is like my security blanket and connection with the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father and a healthier and diseases free life.

From what I understand about this vibration, it’s God’s word that God is talked about in the book of Genesis. One of the places I researched this vibration was in the Bible. I also found information about it in The Essene Gospel of Peace, and in various other books about near death experiences. These books had the most information that I could find on this vibration. The Bible and the Essene Gospel of Peace say this vibration is the word of God. I also believe this to be the Truth.

This vibration I hear is on 24/7. Even if I’m sitting next to a waterfall or a rushing river the Holy Stream of Sound is always there. The sound is non-stop, unless I want the sound to stop.

Then on or about the twenty-eighth day, this thing called “mucoid plaque” came out of me during my internal cleanse. At the time I had no idea what mucoid plaque was. I know now after much research that this long, evil-smelling thing that looked like a dead octopus is called “mucoid plaque.” We are all born with this, as we grow this mucoid plaque grows with us.

Well, I have to tell you, I was ready to go home when I saw this mucoid plaque come out of me, not knowing what it was at the time. But the next day I felt like a great burden had been lifted off of me. I felt like Superman; I really felt great. I felt free for the first time in my life. So, I thought I would stay one more day.

Now on that day at 3:00 p.m. after I got out of the water and as I was drying off I felt like rubbing my eyes with the towel over my head. As I was rubbing them I saw this infinity sign, with these beautiful light patterns on the walls. It was like I was going head first down a tunnel. Then I came into a room that was pitch black, and in this room there were blue stars. I started to look at them and that is when this very bright light started burning its way through the black veil, and the light got brighter and brighter. Then just like the light came, it went. Now that was heart breaking to say the least. Here I could see this big beautiful Angel of Light, and it had left me. However, where it had disappeared was now an oval, looking-glass type device that when I viewed the world through it everything appeared to have light coming from inside it. The waves on the water appeared to have diamonds dancing on them. The trees seemed to be shooting great waves of purple light from their branches towards heaven.

Now I can see this Angel of Light any time I like, without going and fasting each year. I have come to know this angel as the Holy Spirit. I still do the forty-day fast yearly – sometimes I will go as long as fifty to sixty days, it’s that easy to do. I have to say I’m looking for the rest of my Treasure. If the Light and the vibration are the truth, and there like Jesus said it would be, then I’m going for the Gold, life everlasting.

Since then I have taken at least twenty people to the light and sound, but only two have stayed in the Light. Because at the time I was researching on how to keep the light and vibration alive in me, I was not aware that eating worldly things like processed and boxed food would take away the light and sound and the darkness would return. So I was unable to warn them of this fact. They can still get the light and sound back, but they have to do the forty-day fast and cleanse again. I have found that not too many people are willing to do that.

In my research on the Kingdom on Earth, I took seven of my friends to the very beginning of the Light, within ten days’ time. The reason I did this was to see if the same Light was in every individual. Each person had different eating habits and different religious backgrounds. I asked them to change nothing about their eating habits or lifestyle. Before we started, I took them to a doctor who did what is called “dark field analysis” via a microscope and TV montor. This way I could examine their blood cells myself and see their condition before the treatment started. All these people had deformed blood cells. The red blood cells were not round like a doughnut. Ten days later when I had their blood cells checked again their cells were in perfect condition. This told me I was on the right track.

They would tell me things: their eating habits improved, those who smoked said their cigarettes had quit them; they did not quit the cigarettes, the cigarettes quit them. Those who liked sweets and alcohol said the same thing happened to them. This told me that they had experienced a true repentance of sins – the way I always believed God worked — with true Love.

I knew that this type of fast and cleanses is the Truth that Jesus was talking about. The results have been the same for everyone who has gone through this program. This is the work of Jesus, not my own work, but the work of Jesus as I discovered in the bible and especially the Essene Gospel of Peace.

The key is to not eat any processed foods of any kind after the fast and cleanses. I learned this the hard way. Now I only eat raw organic. Also, I now eat once a day, three days a week and fast on the other days on air. This causes the Light to become brighter and the vibration more intense. The other thing I do is drink purified sea water every day. It is the sea water which eliminates the buildup of mucoid plaque and acts like a mega-vitamin for my body. The sea water should also be drunk prior, during, and after this type of fast.

Now I know I am living in the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father here on earth 24/7. I am disease free and will remain so. My original hair color has returned, and my skin feels soft and supple. Like a babys skin. I am 60 years old and I feel like I am 35 again. I work hard and I don’t even kick up a sweat. My only disappointment is I know I will have a long life now and will have to wait longer until I am united with my Creator.

YOUR GAINS: The Kingdom in Earth, Life everlasting, disease regression, weight loss, clear glowing skin, mental clarity, deep sleep, complete digestion and elimination, deep sense of well being, relief from joint pain, increased energy, release from addiction, hair returns to original color, iris color lightens, oneness with God, vibrant health, spiritual awakening. This is truly rebirth, and much, much more.

YOUR LOSSES: Suicidal thoughts, fear, criticism, condemnation, judgment, blame, self-pity, jealousy, resentment, depression, habitual patterns.

The eight principal faults: (1) Gluttony or the pleasures of the palate; (2) fornication; (3) covetousness, which means avarice, or as it may more properly be called, the love of money; (4) anger; (5) dejection, lowness of spirits, depression; (6) “Accidie,” which is heaviness or weariness of heart; (7) kenodoxia, which means foolish or vainglory; and (8) pride.