Spine tuning will be performed at the beginning of each session. The purpose is to enhance the resiliency, strength and flexibility of your spinal column and related muscles and ligaments. In addition, these exercises are designed to integrate your brain functions, tune your nervous system, increase blood flow and body temperature, loosen muscles and joints, activate your immune system, prevent injuries and improve posture.


Spine tuning chiefly consists of integrative exercises that are designed to be fun. During these exercises, breathe in fully and freely from your diaphragm (belly region). As a general rule, breathe in as you extend your body and limbs and breathe out as you flex your body and limbs. Perform these exercises in a smooth, flowing, relaxed manner.

Be sure to focus on your spine. Feel your spine. Sense your spine. Through spine-tuning you will be learning a new set of positive health habits. Spine tuning is a health gift, designed to be shared with everyone. It should become second nature to us like brushing our teeth. Phase 1

The Spinal Warm Up / Sky Reach

Rt. Hand Sky Reach
Position Instructions:

* Breathe in deeply.
* Reach up with your hand.
* Stretch your entire spine.
* Breathe out.
* Alternate hands.
* Repeat 3 times.

Major Muscle Areas Involved:

* Pectroralis major, deltoid, latissimus dorsi and trapezius.