Eat Nothing for the full 7 days, other than as specified during the program. If you experience a feeling of extreme hunger, you may drink herbal teas,clear potato peeling broth, vegetable broth or diluted fresh vegetable juices. Plenty of liquid is essential to the success of the cleansing program.if you are constipated, The evening before starting the program take 2 herbal laxative tablets
LBSII (only if necessary)

Potato Peeling Broth Recipe:

Use 3 Large potatoes. Cut peeling 1/4 inch thick. Throw out the center of the potatoes (this is the acid part). Use 4 carrots 8 sticks of celery and a handful of parsley. Putall of this in approx. a quart and a half of water. Simmer for 20 minutes. Strain and drink about one pint of this liquid. Discard veggies.

Seven Day Tissue Cleansing Program- Schedule

# First thing in the morning:-ENEMA
# 7:00 AM- Cleansing Drink
# 8:30 AM- Supplements with flaxseed drink and 2 tblsp. liquid calcium or powder
# 10:00 AM-Cleansing Drink
# 11:30 AM -Supplements with an herbal tea
# 1:00 PM-Cleansing Drink
# 2:30 PM – Supplements with an herbal tea
# 4:00 PM Cleansing Drink
# 5:30 PM -Supplements, flaxseed drink
# 7:00 PM- Cleansing Drink
# Bedtime- Immediately before retiring: 2 tbsp liquid calcium or powder,1tblsp cod liver oil or 2 capsules.
Bedtime should be no later than 9:30

Times can vary according to your own schedule-however , interval time has to remain the same (every 1 1/2 hours)

Cleansing Drink Recipe( two parts)
Part one: 2 oz. natural, unsweetened apple juice
8 oz. water (distilled)
1 tblsp liquid bentonite
1 slightly rounded tspn of pysllium hulls
Shake well and drink quickly (mixture thickens)

Part two: 10 oz water (distilled)
1 tblspn. apple cider vinegar Bragg’s
1 tspn of honey
Both drinks are mixed separately . Drink in succession
Flaxseed Drink Recipe

Soak 1 teaspoon of flaxseed in 1 1/2 cups hot water for 8 hours. (soak 1st drink the night before you begin the program) Stain and discard seeds; drink only the liquid. Flaxseed drink can be prepared 1-2 quarts at a time for drinking in advance. It must be refrigerated and kept for a couple of days only. 1 1/2 cups is one serving.
Diarrhea,Flatulence, nausea, headaches, muscle pain, dizziness, skin breakouts However, they will diminish as the cleanse continues. Of course, if you feel they are serious consult a healthcare practicioner immediately.And of course, if you are seriously ill or pregnant , you should not do this cleanse.