What About My Symptoms?

Symptoms are outward signs to you. They serve a very important function and Should not be ignored.

All symptoms, regardless of where they occur, or how they occur are signs that your physical, emotional or spiritual self is in jeopardy.

They are indicators that at your present level of nervous system flexibility (adaptability), change is necessary in your life.

It means that the actual demands placed on your biological “machinery” have exceeded your safety level. You are on overload about the stresses placed on you. These stresses may be currently occurring or may be memories of old stresses, which your body has still not released.

There are four choices available to you:

# 1. Ignore the warning signs. -Continue placing the same stress on your body/mind, despite the awareness of symptoms. “live with it”, “I can handle it” ,”it will go away”.

# 2. Treat the symptoms so that you are no longer annoyed by the warnings. Example: taking pain medications, muscle relaxers, antibiotics, heating pads, etc.in order to make you feel better. In this fashion, you place yourself well within the danger level. You

continue placing demands upon a failing body/mind without the annoyance of warning signs.(YOU HAVE TAKEN THE BATTERY OUT OF THE SMOKE DETECTOR-WHEN THE ALARM RINGS WITHOUT PUTTING OUT THE FIRE) You now have the”illusion” of health. NOTHING has been done to improve your health, no change has occurred in your life, and no lesson has been learned.

# 3. Reduce the STRESS. Physically, emotionally, mentally, chemically, OR you may create the appropriate change in your life so that the stress no longer overwhelms you in the same fashion. This choice is constructive: if you reduce stress, often symptoms disappear or reduce. Examples: getting more rest, changing jobs, changing relationships, and eating simpler, avoid confrontations, etc. With this choice the nervous system

Has not improved its level of function. What has been achieved is a reduction of stress (energy demands) placed on a failing nervous system.

4. Have your vertebral subluxations adjusted. -You see symptoms as a warning, an awareness of the need for change. You recognize that you are functioning at the danger level, and cannot continue to do the same without damage to your body/mind, health, and your life. You decide to improve your ability to function and adapt to the environment and to recover from old patterns and traumas.

Adjustment of Vertebral Subluxations, by hand, releases the interference between brain and body, body and mind, head and heart, physical and spiritual.

As you become more flexible, adaptable and more receptive to your “inner voice” more

Joy can appear in your life as you grow through and beyond your symptoms.