What to do When People are Hurtful Towards You

It’s painful to be hurt by anyone, but especially by people we care about. So how should we react when people hurt us?

It’s not your job to get revenge and try to make sure they get hurt back. All you’re doing is continuing to hurt yourself. You have given up your freedom if you react in anger and seek revenge. The universe will hold them accountable and provide them a consequence. So let it go.

Hurt people hurt people. Don’t take it personally. Look for the gift within the pain. They have been sent to you to encourage your soul to evolve so you can become a better version of yourself.

Bless them and love them, but if they are hurting you and are a toxic to you, you may still have to set boundaries and disconnect the relationship, or get the police involved. Letting it go doesn’t mean you ignore your due diligence to resolve the problem. Letting it go means you leave the emotion and revenge out of it.